Ambassador Program.

The Ambassador Program is a coalition of student representatives who work together in a legislative body. These action-minded individuals are full-time students from universities across the United States and Canada who join together to combat antisemitism on campus. Each individual university is distinct in its landscape and challenges, and thus ambassadors represent the needs of their schools and the challenges that Jewish students face. Jewish on Campus works with each ambassador to provide a voice on their campus, legal advising, and aids in grassroots campus organizing. The Program launched in Fall 2021.

The Ambassador Program has the following functions:

    • A Channel for Communication: Ambassadors convene with other ambassadors from across North America to discuss issues impacting their campuses.
    • Event Planning: Each ambassador receives funding and other resources to create, plan, and host events on their campus, tailored to meet its individual needs.
    • Educational Sessions: Ambassadors attend monthly training sessions led by outside experts to learn about antisemitism and the ways to combat it through different means of advocacy.
    • Regional Committees: Ambassadors work with other ambassadors in their area on legislation and may host joint events.
    • Resolutions: Ambassadors work within their Regional Committee to draft legislation to be voted on by the general body. Resolutions may contain a call to action, requesting resources or assistance from JOC to respond to a campus issue, or a statement reflecting the views of ambassadors.

The Program is looking for students with the following:

  • Involvement in Jewish life at their college

  • Desires viable changes in university antisemitism

  • Demonstrated passion in fighting antisemitism

  • Willing to be active on campus through hosting events pertaining to antisemitism

  • Active in network development

  • All students committed to combatting antisemitism on campus are encouraged to apply.


Applications for the 2022-2023 cohort are now closed.

Highlights of the 2021-2022 Cohort.

  • 8 guest speakers led educational sessions for the cohort.
  • 6 resolutions passed by ambassadors. Read them here.
  • 5 events hosted on-campus by ambassadors.
  • 3 op-eds published by ambassadors
Ambassadors and JOC staff attended Summer U, a conference for Jewish student leaders across Latin America, in Cartagena, Colombia. Here, they met with Jewish student leaders from the Latin American Federation of Jewish Students (FEJJLA) and learned about how antisemitism manifests abroad. Ambassadors spent a Shabbat with other Jewish Students and attended sessions with speakers from various organizations, including the World Jewish Congress.
Ambassadors met in New York, NY with JOC Staff, the World Jewish Congress, and other Jewish students to march in the Celebrate Israel Parade on Fifth Avenue. Participants spent the weekend in NYC, including attending meetings at the World Jewish Congress office and enjoying a Shabbat dinner together.