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Jewish on Campus Applauds Enforcement of Title VI to Protect Jewish Students at the University of Vermont

April 4, 2023

NEW YORK – Today, the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, put forward a
resolution outlining concerns into the handling of antisemitic, anti-Zionist harassment at the
University of Vermont. The resolution agreement, the first of its kind adopted during the Biden
administration, outlines key steps that the University of Vermont must take to protect Jewish

This effort began as a submission to Jewish on Campus and included direct coordination with
students on the ground, which has now collected more than 2,200 student stories of campus
antisemitism around the world. Vermont students reported anti-Israel activity they said crossed
the line into antisemitism.

Responding to the news, Jewish on Campus CEO Julia Jassey released the following

“Today’s announcement is a victory for the safety and security of Jewish students.
Executive Order 13899, signed in 2019, called on the federal government to enforce
Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to protect against discrimination toward Jewish
students. By addressing the mishandling of antisemitic incidents at the University of
Vermont, and reaching an agreement to implement meaningful change, the U.S.
Department of Education has acted in the best interest of Jewish students.

“Jewish on Campus was founded to uplift the voices and experiences of Jewish students
and directly combat hate on college campuses. The resolution demonstrates that the
federal government is taking seriously the antisemitism we face as students. We were
honored by the trust that University of Vermont students placed in us when sharing their
story, and were proud to partner with them throughout this important process.

“We look forward to the University of Vermont implementing the policies outlined in the
resolution, and hope that the announcement motivates college and university
administrators to action nationwide to address antisemitic hate on their campuses.”

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