No one speaks for Jewish students like Jewish students.
So, let’s get talking.

The Jewish on Campus Student Union is the first democratically-elected representative body for Jewish students in the United States. It is a shared student voice, representing the most pressing issues Jewish students face on their campuses today. Students involved will develop chapters at their respective universities and facilitate meaningful change on a local and national level alongside other student leaders at universities around the country. Our union will unite students in a network of activists fighting antisemitism where it meets us. Representatives will join together to share the issues impacting their campuses and create actionable steps toward making campuses the safe and inclusive spaces they are meant to be.

The Student union has the following functions:

    • Democratic Body: National representatives will join together to share the issues impacting their communities and create actionable steps toward making campuses the safe and inclusive spaces they are meant to be.
    • Campus Chapters: Each representative will build a team on their respective campus with different roles for advocacy, event planning, marketing, and student engagement.
    • A Channel for Communication: Representatives will meet with their campus communities to formulate plans catered to their campus for combatting antisemitism through different means of advocacy.
    • Event Planning: Each campus representative will organize events centered around the union’s selected issues, aimed at the educational and cultural enrichment of their respective campus.
    • Safe Space: Each student union on campus will serve as a central, safe place for Jewish students on each campus to report any antisemitic incident. 

The Student Union is looking for students who are:

  • Responsible and comfortable championing important initiatives on their campus.

  • Able to speak to the experiences of Jewish students.

  • Passionate about combatting antisemitism on their campus.

  • Willing to be active on campus through hosting events pertaining to antisemitism.

  • Passionate about creating active and empowering Jewish campus communities. 

  • All students committed to being founding members of this important initiative are encouraged to apply.

Make your voice heard.

Democracy is the lifeline of American Jewry. It has provided the foundation for a flourishing Jewish life in the United States and the tools that have allowed American Jews to thrive for generations. American Jewish students have a legacy of embracing democracy to secure our future. We carry the torch of those before us and those who come after us. We are the students who struggled for Soviet Jewry, fighting tooth and nail so they could come home. We are the students who have screamed at the top of our lungs on college campuses to defend the justice of Zionism as our people’s fundamental right to self-determination in our homeland.

We are the students who have fought for our siblings around the world in defense of the Jewish people, in the name of progress toward a future free of antisemitism, bigotry, and hatred for all.