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Jewish on Campus welcomes President Joe Biden Announcement on Creation of Interagency Group to Develop a National Strategy on Countering Antisemitism

December 13, 2022

Jewish on Campus commends President Biden’s announcement that he will create an interagency group to develop a national strategy on countering antisemitism.

With the President’s powerful condemnation of antisemitism, he has made clear his commitment to the safety of the Jewish people. As antisemitism continues to rise in the United States, the Jewish community stands at a critical time. We are strengthened by the support of the President and the entire Biden-Harris administration.

Jewish on Campus was proud to represent the future of the Jewish community at last week’s White House roundtable on antisemitism. Joined by top government officials and other Jewish community leaders, we saw firsthand the strong commitment that the Biden administration has made to the safety of the Jewish community. Today’s announcement is a continuation of that promise.

Jewish on Campus is prepared to continue working with the Biden administration by highlighting the voices of young Jews in the cultivation of this strategy.

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