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To Our Community...

Julia Jassey
September 16, 2022

Jewish on Campus was born in the Summer of 2020 with one goal: to amplify the voices of Jewish students on campus. That goal began humbly and has since grown into a movement of strength among young Jews to own our identities with pride. We are the voice of Jewish students. As the next generation of Jewish leaders, our leadership begins now. Together with our community, we will make college campuses safe, equitable, and inclusive for all Jewish students. We maintain the hope that our children can live in a world that is safer for Jews than ours is, yes, but more than that: we maintain the hope that our future can be safer for Jews than our present. The time for change is now.

The students at the University of Vermont who have come forward with their stories show us the heart and bravery that exists within the Jewish community. We are inspired by the fearless advocacy they show for their community. Young Jews are hungry for the chance to make real change, and we are honored to work with them to make that change possible.

The relationship that we have built with our community motivates our work. Over 2,000 instances of antisemitism have been submitted to us over the past 2 years, and we are honored by how many students have trusted us with their stories. Anything we have accomplished as an organization is because of students who bravely refused to stay silent.

Now more than ever, the Jewish community must stand united—against antisemitism and as a people. To our fellow Jewish organizations who have supported Jewish on Campus and the Brandeis Center in our Title VI complaint against the University of Vermont: Thank you for backing Jewish students at UVM who have been ostracized for their religion, culture, heritage, and beliefs. Jewish college students deserve a seat at the table in the fight against antisemitism, and we will continue fighting to give students that seat.


Julia Jassey

CEO Jewish on Campus

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