Resolution 2223-3: Jewish on Campus Ambassador Program Formally Denounces Assault on Separation of Church and State in North America

Blake Ziegler
November 14, 2022

Religious freedom is an innate human right, whether one is religious or non-religious. The ability to freely practice one’s faith or avoid coercion from other faiths is dependent upon the barring of influence between religious institutions and the government. When governments begin legislating based on religion, it threatens the integrity of faith while unjustly imposing one religion onto an entire population. The separation of church and state has been a hallmark of the United States and Canada in the protection of religious liberty. Because many of our ancestors fled state-sanctioned religious persecution, North American Jews understand the vital role that separation between church and state plays in our safety and prosperity. 

However, the separation of church and state has been under assault for decades. Just this year, we have witnessed court decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States that erode religious freedom. In the United States and Canada, far-right Christian nationalist candidates receive applause at calls to integrate their religious views into government policy. At a time when democracy is under assault, we must recognize and act against efforts to undermine religious freedom. 

As the representative body of North American Jewish students, the Jewish on Campus Ambassador Program formally expresses its support for the separation of church and state and denounces attempts to undermine it. The history of the Jewish people demonstrates the essential role of religious liberty to protect our community. The Ambassador Program is committed to supporting this tradition.

Blake Ziegler

Ambassador President 

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